Fishing trip at Karimunjawa

Hi all,

Need some advise for my first time oversea fishing trip at Karimunjawa @ Indonesia. 

Heading from Singapore 20th April to Semarang, -> Karimunjawa
Back from Karimunjawa 23th April to Semrang -> Singapore

1. I'm looking for boat transport for 3 person from Separa @ Semarang to Karimunjawa after 7pm on the 20th April. ( cos I cannot understand on their local website, and my flight reach Semarang after 3pm ). If I base on their local ferry ( run at 7am and 10am ), cannot make it in time. And I need to stay at Semrang for 1 day and start to go Karimunjawa on the 21th April.

2. I'm looking for boat for 3 person fishing at Karimunjawa on 21 ( if reach there on 20th ) or 22nd april. ( Need a live bail, and the boat driver know where can catch fish ) 

Ps : I did looking for some tour agency, but most of them only can provide boat with out fishfinder, and no live bail. :neutral: . Like that only can base on my luck. haha


  • Need an advise
  • Rhino,
    You need someone who speak indonesian, to be able to get around.
    !st there is a fast ferry service from JEPARA, this is abt 2hr car ride from semarang.
    Best to stay over nite in Jepara in budget hotel, then in the morning try and catch the fast (2hr) ferry to Karimun java.
    Slow ferry from semarang is 4-5hrs, sometimes does not sail due to bad weather.
    You need to arrange for home stay at Karimunjava.
    Also the local boats you will have to arrange with the locals.
    food is very basic; with 1 exception, there is a pizza joint opened by a white guy who married a local girl.
    Dinner mainly consists of local canteen type of indonesian type of food.
    Fishing needs to be done by hiring local wooden boats, to get offshore to the neighbouring islands with reefs and rock and sand bars.
    Hope the info here has helped.

  • hello mister have you got any info about your trip to karimun?

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