Rusty and need some tips and recommendations

Hi guys. It's been about 8 years since I've fished. Used to do a bit of surf. Want to resume now. 

My rods were stolen while I was busy carrying stuff while shifting house. Very nostalgic/sad because I bought those rods with my savingsas a schoolboy. 

That said, looking for a new rod. Saw a Penn Powergraph. Always dreamt of owning one as a kid. Want to pull the trigger but I thought I should ask you guys here first for your opinions. Not sure if rods have changed in the 8 years. And would like to get my money's worth. 

Am looking for a 12-13ft surf rod for medium - heavy duty with a budget of under 250SGD. 

Just as a rough gauge - have owned Prokats, Penn Slammer (10ft) and a Loomis and Franklin 13ft Big Game. 

Surprisingly didn't quite like the Big Game as I always couldn't connect with the rod while OTG. Somehow felt better on the stiff Prokat. Maybe cause I noob. But never actually learnt how to cast the Big Game. 

Would the Powergraph be more similar to the Prokat (stiffer feel while casting)? Or is it soft/more flexible like the Big Game? 

And if got other rods to recommend, please do. Will be using a fixed spool/spinning by the way. 

 Would appreciate any recommendations/reviews/advice. Thanks in advance!

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