Spinning Reel whooshing Sound

Hi all bros, anyone knows what is causing spinning reels to have a whooshing sound? Something likes a washing machine sound when reeling in at fast speed. I have problems with my Shimano Rarenium, Stadic and some other reels. Hope to find some useful answers to fix these problems. 


  • Try replacing roller bearing at the bail arm there
  • Thanka for the respond bro. Any idea where i could purchase thise bearings for spinning reels ? Any shop to recommend? 
  • Try sls bearing or kian ho bearing. Only thing is u need to take out the bearing yourself and bring down for them to measure
  • edited August 2018
    You can bring your reel down and open it at SLS bearings.
  • Thanks for all the reply bros. Appreciate it all. 
  • Another question is my Shimano Rareneum spinning reel spool is kind of weird. The free play seems to be too much. Meaning, at stationary, I could move the spool up and down. The distance move is about 2cm freeplay. Is it the bearing problem too ? 

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