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Hey Kaki's

Calling in assistance from anyone who can assist.

Hello, my name is Stewart and I love to fish. I have been fishing since my father taught me as a child, I get out when I have a chance and the weather permits, its my leisure, my exercise and my relaxation.
Recently, after months of saving I was able to buy myself a brand new Egi rod made in Japan, a $700 investment. I was elated and thrilled, this was by far the most I have ever invested in my sport by a long way and was top of the line equipment, my dream rod!
Then the accident.
On my second use of the rod I was traversing a rocky shore and large rock suddenly gave way and I fell...
I came crashing down on my face and landed on top of my brand new rod. Luckily I suffered only minor bruising and some small cuts but the rod and reel where broken. I was shattered... I had only used the rod for a total of 5 hours and to make it worse had never caught anything on it!
I will recover in time and my injuries are healing but this whole incident has ruined my fishing.
I rarely have asked for anything or expected much in my life, I have dealt with the bad as it comes but today I ask for help. Please help me. Help recover the dream that I lost and get me back out doors fishing.
Thank you for reading.

Please follow the link if you wish to help - 
Or please share my story.


  • I hoped u are well after your fall. U can still enjoy outdoors and fishing without a $700 rod...u know? Just think of the enjoyable fishing u had before the $700 rod, it surely meant something.
  • Thank you Earthborn. My knees have healed well and my face is better too, bruising has cleared up. 
    Yes its only money and just a thing. I have had many rods before on a budget price and I have had broken rods aswell. 
    How to describe the hurt I felt of losing this specific rod is difficult. The amount of saving and sacrifice to get to a point to get a rod of pure craftsmanship and finesse to be so shortly lived. I guess it was that achievement of obtaining it in the first place and having it so cruelly taken away has been demoralising. Perhaps if I even caught something on it I would have felt differently.
  • So what were you fishing for?  Do show your setup in total, the reel and the lure you were using.  I was at the Swan too, so which area were you fishing at?
  • Hey Michael, I was fishing for squid. Its an egi set up.
    The reel is repairabl, bent the handle. 

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