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  • Freakinfart said: just went last sat. 350RM for the C+ pond 4anglers max. GT, MJ, Gao. I tip the helper $10 SGD ​ cnr?
  • Melvin Lee said: It depends what time of the night you go as well. If you go after fish release, try head to the left side (park your rods near the empty pole holder directly facing the prawn shop). Cast out abt 30m, Fish love hiding there beca…
  • Melvin Lee said: No idea if this still works as i have not been there for months. Night time, depend on which area you are fishing. Nearer to opposite car park, use live milk fish or tilapia, nearer to the park (left when facing carpark) try us…
  • ayeosq said: I find live prawn not effective, in fact I have seen people with deshell prawn appollo rig catching solid 3 fish near to the prawn collection point or those sure catch pond, where people like to lure ​alright. Should be going …
  • So all dead baits??? Any spot is better? My mind was no 10